среда, 20 марта 2013 г.

Vintage Summer

It's me again. And I want to share a mini album I made for Clear Scraps and Maja Design. It is full of summer photos , so I named it Vintage Summer. Yes, the other reason for it is that I used Vintage Summer Basics collection from Maja Design

  И снова я, на этот раз с мини альбомом. Делала для Clear Scraps, используя из акриловую заготовку для мини альбома Сумочка,  и для Maja Design, используя мою любимую коллекцию бумаги

 I decided to make this album for my daughter, as we have some cute photos with her friend. So I needed to find something girly. That is the reason of my choose for Acrylic Brag Bag from Clear Scraps.

 I did stamping on acrylic and used some leftovers from the background papers

 I also added some clear tags and decorated them with Maja papers and some embellishments

Кроме акриловых тэгов , у меня еще и акриловая бабочка, прлокрашенная и отштмпованная

 I added acrylic butterfly there, colored and stamped

and again decorating the tag

Some of the parts on Maja Papers are so cute that i decided to cut them and use as tassels.

Некоторые фрагменты бумаги так хороши сами по себе, что я их просто вставила в албом вместо закладок.

I applied some Christal gel on acrylic using Damask Mascil from Clear Scraps as I wanted to have a glass look there, And here how it comes

А здесь я наносила через маску Clear Scraps кристальный гель, и очень мне нравится этот эффект стекла.

and the last page

and this the back cover

Для обложки использовала бумагу 1922, но честно говоря, они все мои любимые. 

 I used Maja Design Vintage Summer Basics Collection: 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924. And I still can not pick which of the sheet is the most favorite, I adore all of them.


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  1. Совершенно чудесная вещь)) Потрясающе интересно! У тебя там и прозрачные странички да? Лен, научи,а?))))

  2. Как необычно! Очень красиво!

  3. Просто прелесть!! Очень понравился!!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous mini album!! I love the colors and textures! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  5. I have never worked on anything acrylic but looking at your album I'm thinking it might be about time I had a go! I have seen some acrylic work by Irene Tan too and it looks like great fun. The purple stamping looks fantastic on the clear background! and I just adore how you have used little bits and pieces and made them look spectacular. Your daughter must be over the moon having this album! I sure know I would! you have such wonderful photos too, I like how you crop them or take them mid-body instead of just a headshot. You sure have an eye for perspective and detail sweetie! xoxoxo


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