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Graphic 45 Design Team Audition

Hello everyone,

well , as you might have noticed from the title of my post - yes, I have decided to to try and send my application for a Graphic 45 Design Team.
Actually I am not just flower addicted  crafter, I am a paper addicted too. And it's obvious that they have a full range of papers to make not only fussy cutting but to create layered and textured projects because of so -so many awesome pictures and paper prints, stamps and embellishments. So I really enjoy creating with them , especially when it comes to traditional scrapbooking .

So , please, wish me luck and I am ready to share with you some of my projects I created for my Audition.

This time I decided to try something new  and my choice was a Wedding Theme.
I bought this collection - Romantique a while ago, because I wanted to create a big album for my personal wedding photos.
Moreover, you know that I love creating layouts, and the only preferrable size for me is 12*12. Well, it's quite optional for traditional scrapbook pages but when you create an album - it's something different.
So my album is very huge, but I am happy that I have managed to make 12 pages filled with sophisticated details and really beautiful vintage pictures.

However it was not easy to take the shots of it, so I asked my daughter to help me . So  a bit later you can find a video clip showing all the album and all the secret places. Normally I do a bookbinding and fabric covers for my albums, this time was not an exception too.

What I really like about Graphic 45 papers is that you can easily combine them with vintage embellisments: such as metal trinkets, pearls, and no doubt - the flowers.

Moreover, I always like using lace, trims and textile things, so - so happy to use them as many as the papers demand, and they demand enough ( for me - he-he):

But for sure the main things are the images and the pictures, they make me mad about ,as I start thinking how to find the new way of combining several of them. and I am so grateful to Graphic45 team that they allow me to use the same  image of different size at once:

and yes, I like the way they look - so vintage, so feminine - this is what I love most of all:

but first of all, please keep in mind that I adore using flowers. I love the texture in my projects, but have you ever noticed how cool is to combine paper or fabric flowers with cut ones?

I have . and I do like it.

I don't want to bother you and showcase all 12 pages, but I suggest you to watch a video clip I made, so you can see the full album during less than 3 minutes:

talking about my other area of expertise I would say that this is cardmaking.
I adore creating cards. There was a period of time whe I felt that I like to work with layouts mostly, but now I feel that I can not live without not doing the cards.

I enjoy working with dark colors again (after being a shabby girl about 5 years ago). May be I become a mature one, or is it a time to feel comfortable wuth every palette, who knows, but for the past 2 years the vintage dark colors are usual for me, and it's good.
and even in a small card I am able to make a fussy cutting, put some pictures, resin frame and - ribbons. And one more thing - flowers))

Then I decided to try one more new thing for me, ( remeber about theupcoming  wedding season) so I created several (3) wedding cards , and you know, I didn't take a special wedding papers, I worked with Botanical collection. and it works perfectly.
Then I used the same paper sheet and made 2 more cards:

Quite shabby , you think? but now I know that you can easily use any Graphic 45 paper for every project you want, they are really versatile and that's great.

What else I can share with you, well talking about Christmas collections, they can surprise you every time, because no one can think outside the box as they do when they use all those not so common images and themes.
here are the gift boxes I made using The Twelve Days of Christmas .
My gifts were the exceptional one due to the wrapping too.

and due to this dancing people as well:
here is a from start to Finish tutorial on how I have made them, it was made while I was an Educator at Swirlydoos Kit club.

and here is one more project , from the old Christmas collection - Nutcracker Sweet Collection. I made this Altered book for my daughter.

I combined several mixed media techniques on the cover as well as inside the book:

If you like to look more of my albums, you can check these links on my YouTube channel:

So I keep my fingers crossed and thank you so much for visiting me today.

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  1. Elena, Gorgeous work! Wow, your projects are amazing, as are your videos. What gorgeous projects of all types. Thanks for applying for our Design Team! Happy Papercrafting! ~ Charee & Joanna


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