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Nordic Christmas Card - Donna Salazar Designs

Hello Friends.
Christmas is coming and I am pretty busy with making Christmas Cards.
This year I am trying different colors for them, but one of my favorite and traditional one - is Nordic Christmas.
This time I tried to experiment some new stuff on it for Donna Salazar Designs blog

Всем привет, очередная новогодняя открытка, зато в традиционной палитре

I took the papers from PhotoPlay "DearSanta" papers and attached to them many fabric trims, xoxoxo

Красный глиттер - наше все

I started with canvas ribbon, that I wrapped over the paper and adhered with Dodz XL, and then added the lace on the top of it.
After I tried to create a kind of wreath from Organza and fixed it on the trims with the Dodz. Organza is quite transparent fabric, so the Dodz are so perfect as they are clear

Куча дел, убегаю, до завтра))) надеюсь

To make it look more festive, I added the flowers and red glitter, that I sprinkled on the Organza wreath and some flowers, as well as onto Foam Swirls. They have a sticky surface, so it was quite easy to do.

Hope that you have liked my card and thank you for stopping by today.
Products used:
Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®
Canvas Ribbons
Lace Ribbons
Texture Ribbons
3D Foam Swirls
Dodz™ XL
 DODZ™ - Medium

 PhotoPlay "Dear Santa" papers

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