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Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

Hello dear friends,
it's not easy to start creating again after all those events and accidents that I came through ,
I can not miss the opportunity to apply for a Graphic 45 Design Team. Some of you know that I have done it before, and not at once.

And now I know exactly, that the results are important for sure, who doubts,
but  I feel myself more mature just to create especially for this annual event.
  It gives me a huge mobilisation, excitement and tons of inspiration as well as some ideas to think out of the box.

Доброго времени суток.
И я тоже решила не пройти мимо. Хватит покупать в стол , сказала я себе, и наслаждаться бумагой только в неизрезанном виде.
И снова я собрала силу воли и подаю заявку.
Первый миник я делала для он лайн вебинара, который , к сожалению, не сомгла провести из-за болезни. Но надеюсь когда-нибудь еще предоставится такая возможность.
А дальше все понятно.
Ну и мой люимымк в этот раз -страничка. Маки моя страсть, не первый раз экспериментирую с ними. Но надеюсь и вам интересно будет.
ПРиятного просмотра.

Meanwhile I am not going to bother you with many words, but I will try to express what kind of artist I am.

  For the past 5 years I have thought that I am very gentle and soft person. I would never choose something bright and extravagant. But it seems that I become more mature and today I choose something that keeps me more in a balance with myself .
So here is the mini album purse I've created for my on line webinar , but unfortunately I felt so hard and sick with influenza , that I have been forced to cancel my meeting with you. Anyway I wanted to share this very special mini album and to suggest you to recreate it with me , with my step by steps instructions. Hope that I will be able to do it in the future.

I'm very curious on extraordinary shapes and forms of mini albums, and I have found something sweet and nice to keep the photos and the notes inside.

I used an old but a very mysterious collection for me - Old Curiosity Shop. It's full of rich and beautiful colors, so perfect for creating something vintage.
I adore the pictures of these vintage ladies, and the butterflies are an excellent embellishment for them.

I like creating flaps and pockets for my mini albums. I have to confess that mini albums have captured my heart and mind, and they are the most often made creations for the past years I guess. I am still searching for the new and complictaed forms. Ok, who knows, I have already invented many special and exra pages for my albums that you might have seen in my creations. But I keep on going .

You can check this video for a full version of my mini album

Not only the mini albums are my passion. Cardmaking , busy and textured, are my all time favorite projects that I have much fun and enjoy while creating them

What I like about Graphic 45 papers, that fussy cutting is the most great  process, moreover it  gives you an ability of therapy of any kind. So I made these cards especially for this Audition. One of my fav, and so happy that  Once Upon a SpringTime is in a Deluxe Collector's Edition List.
I have created 3 cards, so different , but so in my style, with many details, accents and flowers.

Cardmaking is my passion and it keeps me cheerful all the time while I am working on the cards. I always think about the fact that so many crafters all over the world create tons of cards daily, and they can not stop to astonish me with the ideas. I adore cardmaking for that fact.

some details to hang on

My next project is a book cover I created using Ladies Diary collection
As I have already mentioned I like doing mini albums, sometimes creating the covers for them turns to be a separate process, and it gets more and more tremendous to find new ways to represent the album

Time flows, but memories stay with us. This why it seems to be very important to keep some keepsake in beautiful handmade books.

I feel that I am a shopoholic, but  not a traditional one. I buy each collection by Graphic 45, I like the idea of a possesing. Don't lough on that fact, but I spend a lot on  all of the collections by G45.
Anyway, when I use and cut the last collection I have, I buy another one and keep it for a long time.
Children's Hour was an exclusion. I bought and used it immediately.
Here is the result -  this LO - my third passion in scrapbooking - Layouts

I liked the idea of a combining the poppies and a marine theme in one. I found a photo of my youngest son taken by the sea and started creating this colorful watercolor Layout.
Oh those baby and kids pictures are so cute  and lovely. I couldn't stop cutting them out from the papers.

I also decided to add some watercolors on my background. So I just took the watercolor pencils and..
draw some poppies  and embellished them with some fussy cut out poppies from the papers.
The coloring and drawing was a very easy one, so I made a tutorial from start to finish for you .

Here is a link to my YouTube channel where you can check how I created this LO

Well, it's time to keep my fingers crossed

I wish everyone luck and thank you Graphic45 for an amazing opportunity and a chance to create more with your awesome products.


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  1. Ооооо, какие волшебные работы! Удачи Вам, Леночка!

  2. Лена, пусть желание сбудется! Удачи! Работы очень хороши

  3. I forgot to wish you good luck! You would be fantastic on the design team!

  4. Лена, желаю тебе удачи! Очень люблю твои странички и открытки.)

  5. Класс! Класс! Класс!

  6. Gorgeous projects Elena. The card are gorgeous and I looove your Children's hour layout. The design is so striking.
    I wish you all te best keeping fingers crossed for both of us. ;)

    Have a great day!

  7. Лена, удачи! очень достойные работы!

  8. Wow, your work is so beautiful! So much glorious detail on all of your projects. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work with us. We are so honored you submitted to be on our Design Team! Happy Papercrafting, Charee and Joanna from Graphic 45

  9. So beautiful work, congratulations and good luck for us for the second round.
    Fingers crossed.
    Regards from Brasil.

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  11. Леночка, поздравляю Вас! и желаю удачи в финале!

  12. Елена,поздравляю Вас с ТОПом! Красивые,удивительно многодетальные работы!Удачи в финале!!

  13. Congratulations on making the Top 30! Your work is lovely :) Wishing you all the best! xoxo Aneta

  14. Лена.поздравляю!!!!!!!!!!желаю удачи в финале))

  15. Your works are so beautiful! Best of luck to you in the final round.

  16. Fabulous, beautiful work! Congrats on top 30 and best of luck!

  17. Your projects are beautiful! Best of luck for the final round X

  18. Congratulations on making the Top 30!
    Lovely projects :)
    Good luck in the final round:)
    Greetings, Padoriaa


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