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Vintage Hollywood Mini Album in a Camera Box - Graphic45

 Creating with Graphic45 products I have discovered some new ideas. I used to create big albums , but what a joy I felt creating mini, cute mini album using the Staples Tags.

Привет, друзья. Несколько постов назад показывала коробку - камеру, которую делала для Графики 45, напомню, ее можно посмотреть тут.
Так вот я все--таки придумала, чем ее можно заполнить. и сделала вот такой миник из тэгов

 Vintage Hollywood is my one of my favorite collection at the moment.

A few months ago I made a Camera box using the Book box for one of my assignment. If you are interesting you can check it on here.

Для большей красоты я добавила буквы с прорезями - маленькие составляются в слово Голливуд на английском, и большие в Синема

 So I wondered what kind of mini album I could create to put it into that box.
and I decided to make a Tag mini album with alphas from the Alpha Banner set - using the word CINEMA for the large alphas,

Немного их приукрасила, а обортную сторону можно как раз использовать под фото

and HOLLYWOOD for the smaller ones.
Можно , кстати, играть с контрастами для таких прорезей

 It was something new for me. I have never used them for the banner, I always put them as an embellishment into my projects, but actually it was a good idea to put the main words into my album to keep the idea of Vintage Hollywood.

 I also determined that I need to use all of the Tags and Pockets pack and to showcase the Ephemera cards, as their back side is full of awesome background for putting the notes or any memories.

 I would like to share some of the tips I have discovered while working on my project.
I also featured them in my video tutorial. I didn’t made a long boring film process, I only showed some of my tips in my first video

Немного видео процесса

  1. If you create a Tag mini album think on how to add some functional pockets. Since the size of tag mini album is very limited such kind of extra space allow you to put more pictures or cards inside.
  2. I suggest to put the Ephemera cards . They add more texture and their backside can be used for many occasions such as putting the note, keeping the photos and so on.
  3. Since the Pockets made specially for this collection have the awesome design and color, I suggest to adhere them one size - to one tag size, and the other - to the backside. In fact you receive 2 separate pockets at once, and you still showcase the beautiful pattern. ( You can check my video on how to do that)
  4. Make you alpha banners more creative. Play with the background for them. You can take the more busy background or even play with the images on it. In my case I put the image of the embracing couple under the alpha, and you still see them, however there is something secret in this
  5. While decorating the tags for your mini keep in my that they can be used not only as the beautiful cards, but also can be a part of embellishments for your photos. That is why keep some space for this.

I also filmed the video tour of my Tag mini album, you are welcome to check it too.

А вот и сам весь альбомчик и его укладывание в коробку- камеру

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