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Scrapping for the boys - and mixing the collections - Maja Design

Hello Friends.  I am very addicted to album making. I consider this is the best way to enjoy the paper and to showcase the beauty of it.
This is the album I made for Maja Design blog mixing their collections

Был у меня такой альбом, на заказ. я его даже и не показала, и толком не сфотографировала. но вспомнила , глядя на него, что обещала статью про скрап для мальчиков. каюсь, не хватает времени.
но я сделаю это в скором времени.
а пока смотрим альбом из Майя Дизайн , да, для мальчика

I have already made many of baby albums, but every time while working on the album for a boy I feel the challenge what kind of embellishments to add, as you can not fill it with the flowers only

By the way , the flowers can be used , not many , but I guess that the mother will enjoy to have them too.

But to try find those that remind you the masculine color and play more with the paper.

A good option is to add various ribbons in blue, teal, yellow.

  also you can mix the Boy Dies - rocket ships, air balloons, cars and others

I have already told that Maja paper collections are versatile and you can mix the collections for every project you create. This time I used Vintage Summer Basics as the base for my album, but I also added the paper from Vintage Spring Basics, Vintage Romance  and I mixed even the Christmas papers too.
Crea Diem is a fabulous collection for any album too.


So I wanted to give you a heads up that you don't need to follow the traditional thinking about the name of the collection. You can reveal your imagination with beautiful papers indeed.


 Hope that I have managed to involve you in album making process too.

  so stay tuned for more albums from me

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