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Layered Bouquet Stamped Cards - BoBunny

Ok, I've decided to start blogging here on blogspot again and really curious how many people are still with me or are still here, and not on Instagram , as it seems that everyone is there these days.

  So I will do my best ( I hope) to post everything ( almost) I have made for the past 2 years since I haven't been there. I do it regularly on my Instagram here , but since Instagram provides the option for Translating the post , so I start my posts in Russina, but I want my Blogspot to be in English only.

Actually I want to start with the cards I made recently for BoBunny with their brand new stamps

 Sometimes I put out the box full of inks, stamps and stamping blocs and platforms, and starting stamping and coloring. I am not an advances stamper however I like trying and mixing.

So this time this is almost simple though it took me a long time to male stamp layering, fussing cutting and especially stamping the tiny details.

You can find my From start to Finish video on my YouTube channel

I used Flower Layered Bouquet to create my cards and 2 sets of stamps for the quotes:

Friendly Greetings and Sweet Celebrations.

I also tried the unusual colors ( green) for the flower.

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